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Literally “My home for you”.  I love the idea to make available such an intimate and personal place as the one where my current family was born and grown up.

I’m Silvana and I’m Italian, many years working in the commercial management departments for companies. I loved and still love this job that allowed me to get in touch with so many people, a kind of benefit for me, especially with foreigner people of different culture than mine.  In the past ten years I had the chance to work in Russia and meet Russian people. Year after year the relation with them has become stronger and stronger, with growing mutual trust, so much that I decided to live and work there for one year. This experience allowed me to go deeper into the knowledge of Russian language.

Travelling in and out Russia has made me aware that many people come to Milano area for shopping, looking for clothes, shoes, bags, but also for design objects and elements, all the best we are able to offer in Italy about style, tastefulness, creativity, hand-crafted high quality products.

But not just that. Shopping could also mean Italian wines and gastronomical products which are produced nearby Milano. So I had the idea to make available my place, a very comfortable and stylish apartment, where my guests can enjoy local hospitality and can be advised about shopping and, if they want, they can get my service as personal shopper looking for what they need throughout boutiques, show-rooms, outlets which we have so many in our area.